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LK Service Awards

As a thank you to our team for their commitment and dedication, at milestone years we present them with a service award of their choosing. Congratulations to Gerardo Delgado (5 years), Dave Schoffstall (5 years), Beth Smith (5 years), Sarah Brooks (10 years), Crystal Carroll (10 years), Linda Ehlen (10 years), Jamey Flowers (10 years), Nate Hinson (10 years), David Moddelmog (10 years), Doug Wegerer (10 years), Jeff Best (15 years), Ezhini Natarajan (15 years), Howie Beauchamp (20 years), Andrew Bustraan (20 years), Gregg Wilhite (20 years), Dan Dokken (25 years) and Keith Ball (35 years).