LK Officers

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Dennis Smith, AIA, NCARB, CRX, CDP
President Dennis Smith, AIA, NCARB, CRX, CDP
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Dave Hoffman, FAIA, NCARB, CRX, CDP
Senior Vice President, Retail Dave Hoffman, FAIA, NCARB, CRX, CDP
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Roger Brown, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Senior Vice President, Director of Design Roger Brown, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
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Jeff Koch, AIA, NCARB
Vice President, Director of Hospitality Jeff Koch, AIA, NCARB
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Larry Krier
Senior Vice President, Hospitality Larry Krier
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Senior Vice President, Healthcare Dan Dokken, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
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Steve Berry, PE
Senior Vice President, Engineering Steve Berry, PE
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Doug Thompson, AIA, NCARB
Vice President, Retail Doug Thompson, AIA, NCARB
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Brett Martinez
Vice President, Retail Brett Martinez
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Ed Wilson, AIA, NCARB
Vice President, Retail Ed Wilson, AIA, NCARB
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Howie Beauchamp, AIA
Vice President, Hospitality Howie Beauchamp, AIA
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LK Team

Keith Ball
Retail Keith Ball
David Dresher
Hospitality David Dresher
Sandy Manning
Hospitality Sandy Manning
Mitch Koop
Retail Mitch Koop
Lexi Urbanczyk
Retail Lexi Urbanczyk
Kurtis McMurray
Restaurants Kurtis McMurray
Patrick Johnson
Restaurants Patrick Johnson
Chris Carlson
Retail Chris Carlson
Allison Stout
Interior Designer Allison Stout
Courtney Wassom
Electrical Engineering Courtney Wassom
Robert Williams
Design Robert Williams
Beau Jarvis
Retail Beau Jarvis
Austin Binder
Mechanical Engineering Austin Binder
John Henry
Restaurants John Henry
Larry Webb
Hospitality Larry Webb
Brian Jackson
Hospitality Brian Jackson
Robyn Seglem
Director of Accounting Robyn Seglem
Megan Pierskalla
Senior Interior Designer Megan Pierskalla
Leila Loomis
Retail Leila Loomis
R J Stimson
Electrical Engineering R J Stimson
Ezhini Natarajan
Director of Information Technology Ezhini Natarajan
Garret Stang
Electrical Engineering Garret Stang
Diego Martinez
Retail Diego Martinez
Lisa Shaffer
Hospitality Lisa Shaffer
Bill Thorne
Electrical Engineering Bill Thorne
Okba “Ben” Bengalla
Hospitality Okba “Ben” Bengalla
Heather Swift
Healthcare Heather Swift
Cassidy Haukap
Retail Cassidy Haukap
Krystil Brown
Senior Interior Designer Krystil Brown
Steve Tucker
Electrical Engineering Steve Tucker
Madison McKinnis
Restaurants Madison McKinnis
Bryan Ward, PE, LEED AP
Director of Mechanical/Plumbing Engineering Bryan Ward, PE, LEED AP
Jeff Best
Director of Landscape Architecture Jeff Best
Jennifer Cabala
Administrative Jennifer Cabala
Clay Bridge
Hospitality Clay Bridge
Rohith Pamidighantam
Plumbing Engineering Rohith Pamidighantam
Leslie Ohlman
Interior Designer Leslie Ohlman
Lynette Ahlstedt
Director of Interior Design Lynette Ahlstedt
Matthew Er
Plumbing Engineering Matthew Er
Paul Wickert
Retail Paul Wickert
Ashley Morris
Accounting Ashley Morris
Julius Aguilera
Healthcare Julius Aguilera
Stefanie Gibbs
Administrative Stefanie Gibbs
Andrew Bustraan
Information Technology Andrew Bustraan
Taylor Lewis, PE
Director of Electrical Engineering Taylor Lewis, PE
Elham Ghorbani
Retail Elham Ghorbani
David Towne
Mechanical Engineering David Towne
Graeham Jarvis
Retail Graeham Jarvis
Khalil Hassan
Hospitality Khalil Hassan
Caity Simpson
Retail Caity Simpson
Elaine Harcourt
Administrative Elaine Harcourt
Ryan Craft
Healthcare Ryan Craft
Carlos Coello
Design Architect Carlos Coello
Philip Jensen
Electrical Engineering Philip Jensen
Nick McNeil
Mechanical Engineering Nick McNeil
Cheri Holt
Administrative Cheri Holt
Nate Hinson
Hospitality Nate Hinson
Braden Teeter
Electrical Engineering Braden Teeter
Darla Meyer
Retail Darla Meyer
Courtney Nemechek
Hospitality Courtney Nemechek
Duong Bach
Retail Duong Bach
Aaron Smith
Design Aaron Smith
Jesse Burkett
Retail Jesse Burkett
Jim Fisher
Healthcare Jim Fisher
Jessica Wineinger
Restaurants Jessica Wineinger
Garth Hite
Hospitality Garth Hite
Bill Loyd
Hospitality Bill Loyd
Tony Rangel
Retail/Special Projects Tony Rangel
Samantha Bennett
Retail Samantha Bennett
Jeff Ripley
Technical Director of Plumbing Engineering Jeff Ripley
Steven Wiebe
Electrical Engineering Steven Wiebe
Robert Metoyer
Hospitality Robert Metoyer
Dawn Choura
Accounting Dawn Choura
Dayton McArthur
Electrical Engineering Dayton McArthur
James Brickman
Mechanical Engineering James Brickman
Mark Bumpas
Electrical Engineering Mark Bumpas
Carlos Garcia
Hospitality Carlos Garcia
Kevin Spurgeon
Retail Kevin Spurgeon
Holly Oetting
Retail Holly Oetting
Allison Smith
Administrative Allison Smith
Rafael Araujo dos Santos
Retail Rafael Araujo dos Santos
Tracy Boston
Mechanical Engineering Tracy Boston
Austin Nefzger
Electrical Engineering Austin Nefzger
Steve Francis
Hospitality Steve Francis
Doug Wegerer
Mechanical Engineering Doug Wegerer
Sequius De La Torre
Retail Sequius De La Torre
Terrie Colborn
Administrative Terrie Colborn
Mario Mata
Mechanical Engineering Mario Mata
Jacob Hiatt
Retail Jacob Hiatt
Brianne Stewart
Administrative Brianne Stewart
Dave Santander
Design Dave Santander
Morgan Bailey
Mechanical Engineering Morgan Bailey
Glen Bailey
Special Projects Glen Bailey
Don Keenan
Healthcare Don Keenan
Kindra Degenhardt
Human Resources Kindra Degenhardt
Paul Folger
Healthcare Paul Folger
Joe Binter
Restaurants Joe Binter
Cetra Howell
Interior Designer Cetra Howell
Sneha Varadarajan
Retail Sneha Varadarajan
Jason Lafferty
Hospitality Jason Lafferty
Cory Thomas
Hospitality Cory Thomas
Jonathan Anderson
Retail Jonathan Anderson
Caty Gaboian
Restaurants Caty Gaboian
Lee Thompson
Retail Lee Thompson
Linda Ehlen
Senior Interior Designer Linda Ehlen
Crystal Carroll
Marketing Crystal Carroll
Nick Simon
Hospitality Nick Simon