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About LK Architecture

Since 1967, we have turned our clients’ visions into reality. Through the combination of creative and innovative designs, decades of technical expertise and tireless work, our team continues to leave lasting architectural impressions on Kansas and the rest of the nation. In addition to traditional architectural services, we offer electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineering, interior design, land planning and landscape architecture solutions in-house. This ensures that various aspects of your project, from start to finish, are managed by one coherent team.

Our Services

  • Site Analysis

    LK Architecture assists our clients in assembling applicable site and jurisdictional information. This includes building codes and local amendments; planning department requirements; utility requirements and fees; traffic data; “green”/sustainability requirements; entitlement and connection costs; jurisdictional review and approval schedules; and research other site-specific data sources. We complete a summary report, inform and consult our clients of the findings, identify potential problem areas and identify follow-up research areas. Throughout the process, client confidentiality concerns and directives regarding release of information are followed meticulously.

    Many LK Architecture clients must examine several optional sites within a given market area. Final site selection is not always obvious. Technical variables can significantly affect a site’s usability, functionality, and accessibility. Typically, a preliminary investigation of each candidate site will occur prior to an actual site visit to identify each locations’ advantages and problem areas. Many times, this first “cut” will eliminate lower scoring candidate sites so that investigative costs can be minimized and focused on the remaining, better candidates. After consulting with the client, site visits to each of the remaining sites will take place, including in-situ research and interviews with the pertinent jurisdictional authorities. Many times, Phase I Environmental Studies are initiated as part of this step. Again, client confidentiality concerns and directives regarding release of information are followed meticulously.

    We recognize that the success of a project is extremely sensitive to the ultimate site design. Critical issues that must be considered include vehicular access; traffic counts and signalization; curb cut locations; building placement and orientation; signage and pylon locations; directional signage; parking ratios; reciprocal easement agreement provisions; utility distribution and easements; building areas and separation requirements; loading dock accessibility; truck traffic access; grade constraints; ADA accessibility and parking requirements; landscaping requirements; on-site pedestrian and vehicular circulation; localized soil characteristics; streetscape requirements; set-back considerations; environmental contamination or sustainability concerns and much more. Working closely with the client, all pertinent factors are summarized, considered and the most viable site plan options explored and evaluated. The client makes the final site plan decisions based on the completed rational and logical evaluation process.

    LK Architecture completes preliminary research to determine the required entitlements and associated processes. We assist our clients in obtaining required jurisdictional approvals from planning departments, public services, utilities, engineering and traffic departments.  We can also assist in re-zoning. As part of planning department approvals, we typically prepare and present site renderings, site plans and building elevations.  In some cases, animation is used to facilitate project understanding and approvals.

  • Financial Impact Studies

    Starting with the clients’ project goals and financial pro-forma as guides, we research and confirm anticipated costs and fees, examine proposed site and building configurations, evaluate pragmatic functional issues and, if appropriate, provide a summary report with alternative recommendations. From this effort, the client will have a solid confirmation of the design and construction-related variables that will affect the overall potential success of the project.

    LK Architecture clients appreciate informed input on preliminary costs for site development, buildings, landscaping, operational expenses and A/E soft costs. These costs are supported by our own data base as well as that of local and regional contractors. If the project warrants it, outside cost consultants will be utilized as well.

  • Consultant Selection and Coordination

    The specialized knowledge and experience of LK Architecture is invaluable when assisting our clients in their selection of surveyors (topographical, boundary, ALTA), geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, traffic engineers, parking consultants, graphic consultants, environmental consultants and other specialists retained directly by the owner. With the input of the client, we can prepare the needed RFPs, evaluate the consultants’ responses and provide the needed coordination of and direction in the context of the specific project needs early in the project.

  • Leasing Tools and Services

    Successful leasing is partially dependent upon clear, concise graphic tools to facilitate complete project understanding for potential tenants. Such tools include brochure and promotional materials, Lease Outline Drawings (LOD), comprehensive Tenant Design Manuals (criteria) and detailed colored renderings and 3D animations. Materials may be provided in formats that are easily inserted into the clients’ leasing websites, their own promotional materials or as high quality hardcopy. LK Architecture has prepared these tools for scores of projects over the years, each tailored to meet the specific leasing needs of each project. These materials and information are derived from the digital files and resources developed for the project and thus, expenses for their production are minimized and accuracy is improved.

    When the project is completed, we offer on-going maintenance and updates of LODs for the clients’ use as needed along with tenant drawing review services to assure compliance with the requirements of the Tenant Design Manual and interface compatibility with the building shell. In some cases we have long-term relationships to assist our clients with tenant turnover, preparing updated LODs and reviews as leasing needs change.

  • Sustainable Design

    Energy usage is a major expense for owners and tenants in all projects and these costs will certainly not decrease in the future. As an architecture and engineering design firm, LK Architecture has the resources to comprehensively evaluate and recommend building systems and materials to optimize energy consumption. These evaluations are comprehensive, taking into consideration solar exposures, building orientation and fenestration, insulation and infiltration systems, shading factors, equipment efficiencies, internal heat source loads, programmable lighting and HVAC controls, occupancy sensor controls, daylighting, water heating sources, heat reclamation and reuse and many other factors. The long-term operational practices of the client and existing infrastructure must also be considered and incorporated into the resulting report recommendations. Pro-forma forecasts of energy utilization and savings are made to quantify the design decisions and their associated costs.

    Our electrical and lighting engineering design staff have provided functional, efficient and aesthetic site lighting design for over three decades. Site lighting projects have unique considerations:

    • Fixture selection for low maintenance, high lamp efficiency
    • Prevention of sky pollution and provisions for cut off angles to avoid adjacent property spill-over
    • Optimization of pole height, spacing, and lamp size to minimize first costs and operational costs
    • Circuiting provisions for tenant localized control
    • Night light functions
    • Coordination with site sound services
    • Coordination with orientation signage
    • Coordination with and consideration of building mounted lighting patterns
    • Satisfaction of minimum light level requirements set by tenants and jurisdictions
    • Security demands
    • Consideration for lamp color temperature and color rendering index
    • Coordination and compatibility with building signage
    • Fixture and lamp vandalism resistance
    • Structural considerations for bearing soils and wind loads

    Photometric plans are provided that can be used both for tenant information and coordination as well as for jurisdictional approval when required.

    Critical to the preparation of the owners pro-forma, the forecast of operating expenses and the budgeting for initial equipment costs, is an accurate understanding of the site and building infrastructure and systems. Our in-house HVAC, plumbing and electrical engineers offer the ability to prepare preliminary studies of utility site and building distribution systems; energy consumption; domestic water consumption and gray water re-use; building mechanical systems selection; site and building storm water systems including retention/detention/irrigation considerations; fire protection site distribution and building service layouts; and where jurisdiction may require it, utilization of secondary treated water distribution systems. Customized and limited scope studies can also be performed. Our clients benefit by having accurate preliminary costs based on conceptual layouts and systems that reduce the risk of financial surprises in the pro-forma preparation.

    The LK Architecture staff of architects, landscape architects and engineers maintain LEED AP certifications as part of the firm’s commitment and sensitivity to sustainable design practices. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has established a special LEED – NC standard for projects. In some jurisdictions, formal adoption of the LEED registration process has occurred or a modified version has been adopted, requiring new projects to comply with sustainable design principals as a precedent to obtaining a building permit. We are prepared to respond to those clients that may wish to pursue formal LEED certification or, if they chose, the alternate approach of following the LEED standard, but not formally registering their project(s). Certainly, when required by the jurisdiction, our designs will meet any comprehensive sustainable requirements.

  • ADA Compliance Evaluations

    Throughout the country, there remains a substantial building inventory predating the implementation of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). Buildings are particularly susceptible to scrutiny by activist organizations looking for ADA violations. Since ADA implementation in 1991, LK has completed over 70 comprehensive compliance reviews for our clients on individual projects as well as for entire real estate portfolios. Each review consists of a site visitation followed by the preparation of a summary of unaddressed ADA items with recommended prioritization for implementation and cost forecasts can be included. If requested, LK Architecture can provide associated design services to resolve the unaddressed items.

  • Waterfront Design

    Project adjacency to water elements (ponds, rivers, lakes, oceanfront) is a site planning opportunity that demands special understanding of building operations and their interaction with these site amenities. While the dynamic nature of water offers pleasing aural and visual ambience, there are important factors to consider that inform the design process. These include pragmatic concerns for operational and maintenance expenses, security monitoring and costs, insurance costs, injury risks, long-term variability (water levels, flow rates), flora and fauna establishment and maintenance and control. To our clients considering this amenity, we offer the benefit of a long history of water feature accommodation.

  • Owner-Tenant Responsibility Matrices

    With overlapping position knowledge of the design criteria, the client as well as the needs of their tenants, we have assisted our clients in preparing responsibility matrices (spreadsheet format) to clarify which party is responsible for what portion of the design and construction in tenant spaces. While landlord work letters are generally comprehensive, there sometimes seems to be interface points between the landlords’ work and that of the tenant that are fuzzy and subject to interpretation, sometimes leading to disagreements. A responsibility matrix assembles a comprehensive listing of building components and systems and defines the interfaces for assignment of financial, construction or materials provision responsibilities to the appropriate party.

  • Project Delivery Options

    The design process does not always have the flexibility in cost and schedule to complete projects using the traditional Design / Bid / Build delivery method. We offer our clients several options to shorten the delivery schedule and reduce associated construction fees and costs:

    Long before design-build became popular, LK Architecture was working with contractors to improve the building delivery process. Thirty years ago, working with our contractor partners, we were able to assist in establishing guaranteed maximum contract amounts early in the process for projects needing an accelerated delivery schedule. This holds true today. Another critical benefit of Design-Build is that our clients have a single point of contact and responsibility, removing the potential for three-way battles that can occur in the traditional delivery process.

    A hybrid of the D-B approach, using “bridging documents” allows the client to solicit design/building proposals that are based on a more focused design program. LK Architecture has prepared bridging packages that establish and define the most critical elements of a development early in the process, yet retain the flexibility to realize design idea exploration, cost efficiencies and scheduling advantages inherent in the Design-Build process.

    Design is challenging, constantly changing and usually with short design and construction timeframes. In instances where an accelerated turnover to tenants requires a short schedule, fast track delivery may prove reasonable. Working closely with our client, a selected contractor, the jurisdiction, tenants and, most importantly, the design team, LK Architecture coordinates the design process to prioritize early design of the site and building structure, allowing early and phased permitting and construction starts. Follow-on design of specific site and building features takes place while construction proceeds. Our experience provides guidance for the inclusion of the future required design elements into the final design and allows this process to proceed with assurance and minimal changes.

  • Streetscape Development and Analysis

    High density developments in urban settings require a higher level of sensitivity to design considerations related to streetscape creation. LK Architecture examines variables including:

    • Design scale adjustments
    • Building setbacks and planning envelopes
    • Adjacent historical contexts
    • Street furnishing design and functionality
    • Utility location
    • Access and coordination
    • Pedestrian related parameters like walking clearances and surface selection
    • ADA compliance
    • Functional relationships and coordination between landscaping and hardscaping
    • Irrigation location and distribution
    • Lighting levels and locations
    • Public services provisions (bus shelters, fire hydrants, etc.)
    • Site line maintenance
    • Visual security access, vehicular/pedestrian separation and control
    • Tenant finishes and circulation interfaces
    • Other variables specific to the project

Midwestern Values
Nationwide Influence

At LK Architecture, while abiding in the values of the Heartland, we’ve successfully completed projects in the entire geographical span of the United States. We are fully licensed and accredited in all 50 states.

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