LK Architecture is looking for a licensed, experienced senior architect with a minimum of 8 years experience in our Special Projects studio. This position would report to the Studio Director, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and/or President/CEO, and will work independent in all aspects of the production of the construction drawings with major decisions made by supervisors. Works under general supervision.  Licensure is required.


  • Able to perform all activities required by the Production Architect, Job Captain, and CAD Drafter Architectural positions
  • Oversees and directs all project activities from Notice to Proceed to project completion
  • Is the Firm’s representative in all matters relative to the project on day-to-day basis
  • Monitors and directs activities of project team members and consultants
  • Point of contact to the Owner’s project representative for the project team
  • Leads the project team and acts as point of contact for consultants
  • Disseminates information from and to Owner keeping the Owner fully informed of the status of the project
  • Disseminates information to and from project team members and consultants keeping them fully informed
  • Works closely with Project Architect, Job Captain, Drafter during construction document
  • Assists Vice President and Studio Directors in business development and marketing efforts for the studio
  • Coordinates with other Project Architects/Managers to allocate and optimize manpower resources
  • Assists and provides input into hiring and staff reduction activities


The education required by any particular state for licensure

Professional degree in Architecture from NAAB accredited university is preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Communication Skills: Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Level of Judgement Regarding Projects and Design
: Independent judgement is expected depending on experience level but consults with the Studio Director on complex or sensitive decisions.

 More experienced personnel are expected to help less experienced personnel develop the skills needed to be quality LK employees at all positions.

Client Relationship:
 The Senior Project Architect or Project Manager may be LK’s primary contact for the project. They may also oversee other Project Architects and Project Manager.

Project Financial:

  • Monitors resource utilization vis a vis the project budget and makes adjustments as needed.
  • Review and adjust monthly billings.
  • Review, approve or modify billings from consultants.
  • Set up Additional Services Tasks with owner approval for services outside of contract responsibilities.
  • Monitor and follow up on accounts receivable with owner if necessary.
  • Review and approved assigned staff biweekly time sheets.
  • Provides bi-weekly statement of project progress for budget purposes.


  • Is thoroughly familiar with and administers compliance with the requirements of the contract.
  • Assists in the initial preparation of project proposals and contracts.

Construction Documents: 
Expected to organize the production of and coordinate the construction documents utilizing Revit and/or AutoCAD for assigned projects.


  • Confirms all jurisdictional requirements.
  • Confirms mode of practice for the project.
  • Completes project due diligence investigation to determine applicable codes, laws and ordinances.
  • Performs code review and analysis for the project.

Project Schedules and Budgets: 
Responsible for completing tasks as necessary, within the budgeted hours given, to meet project needs and Supervisor’s expectations.


  • Obtains required information from owner.
  • Establishes scope of building materials.
  • Research materials and systems as required.
  • Writes and edits architectural sections as needed.
  • Coordinates consultants’ sections.
  • Coordinates drawings and specifications.

Weekly Production Progress Reports

Quality Control:

  • Expected to review his/her own as well as work of less experienced staff to ensure quality of drawings and specifications on assigned projects.
  • Performs on-going quality review of construction drawings.
  • Performs final construction document review and coordination.
  • Performs peer review on colleague’s projects and assigned by the Studio Director.

Other Managerial:

  • May be called upon to work on several projects at once.
  • Markets on a secondary basis with assistance of Officers/Vice Presidents.
  • If licensed, mentors Intern Architects and assists in their completion of IDP requirements.
  • Reviews and approves timesheets of assigned staff.

Construction Administration:

  • Prepares statements of Probable Cost as required by contract.
  • Logs, reviews and processes project shop drawings.
  • Schedules and performs site observations preparing Observation Reports and Progress Meeting Conference Reports.
  • Prepares and distributes project documentation through-out the life of project (Conference Reports, Meeting Minutes, Email, Observation Reports, etc.)
  • At project completion, archives all construction documents and project files from all in-house disciplines and outside consultants in accordance with office procedures.

 Expected to be proficient in Revit or on a path to acquire proficiency.

Office Hours:
 Standard office hours. Onsite in Wichita, KS.

 Travel required to performs duties as Project Architect/Project Manager is expected.

Performance Metrics:

  • Financial success of assigned projects as adjusted for special considerations
  • Client satisfaction as determined by Post-Project survey
  • Superior/Peer evaluation results
  • Proactive marketing activities
  • Individual utilization ratio and utilization ratio(s) of supervised employees
  • Accuracy of completed drawings and/or calculations
  • Quickness and efficiency of document production